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A review of Anthropics PortraitPro 23

Enhancing portraits is hard. As any professional portraitist is acutely aware of, high-level retouching requires an array of unwieldy brushes, masks, and other apparatus, not to indicate long minutes (or even hours) spent in front of a desktop observe, sparsely smoothing and shaping the subject to look very good. And then, when you’ve finally finished editing one portrait from a session, you’ll need to do it all over the place over again to the next image, and the next, and the next…

It’s enough to supply anyone – beginner or unique – a headache. Then again what if I urged you there was once a better approach? An means that can scale back down your time spent editing while in fact bettering your results?

I’m talking about PortraitPro 23, the latest fashion of Anthropics’ extraordinarily respected PortraitPro collection. Because of the program’s AI era and suave construction body of workers, you’ll be able to use PortraitPro 23 to achieve professional-quality results while spending only a few seconds on every file. You don’t will have to be a retouching official to art work the device, each; PortraitPro’s entire, slider-based toolset is remarkably in the market, and after hitting that “Acquire” button, even folks with limited editing experience will have their first batch of photos processed and exported inside minutes.

While the device might sound too excellent to be true, I promise: It’s exact. Over the previous few weeks, I’ve been hanging PortraitPro 23 to the check out, and I in fact believe that it’s the fastest, highest, and highest portrait editing program to be had in the marketplace in 2023. In this review, I cover the whole thing you need to know forward of buying, along with key choices and use cases, pricing, and whether or not or no longer the program is price purchasing for many who already non-public PortraitPro 22. (Spoiler alert: It is.)

So for many who’re ready to be informed the way in which Anthropics PortraitPro 23 can give a boost to your editing workflow, then let’s get started!

What’s new in PortraitPro 23?

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

PortraitPro 23 debuted late last fall, and while I was a huge fan of the previous fashion (you’ll be able to be informed my review of PortraitPro 22 appropriate right here), PortraitPro 23 raises the bar once more. 

Not most simple is PortraitPro 23 sooner than its predecessor, however it moreover boasts a variety of very tangible upgrades, along with:

  • The Stray Hair Remover instrument, which lets you brush away distracting hairs in seconds.
  • The Backlight Lights Brush, which helps you to building up portrait drama and three-dimensionality by the use of painting in a sensible backlight affect.
  • An Art work Effects instrument so you’ll be able to briefly achieve a breathtaking range of creative seems to be like (along with Pencil Cartoon, Rainbow Paint, Scratches, and Cyanotype).
  • Make stronger for Apple M1 and M2 chips so Mac shoppers can take entire good thing about the device.

When you already non-public (and love) PortraitPro 22, the ones new choices are perhaps unquestionably well worth the reinforce, specifically for many who’re fascinated with producing high-level edits. The Stray Hair Remover instrument and Backlight Lights Brush are difficult choices for refining your images, and the Art work Effects instrument is a will have to have selection for creative editors. In any case, Mac shoppers will for sure need to take hold of the latest fashion of PortraitPro; appropriate right here, Anthropics promises a potency reinforce for M1- and M2-chip devices of up to 60%.

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

And for many who don’t however non-public any fashion of PortraitPro, you’re in for a care for – irrespective of your level of experience. As I implied above, it is a program that cuts right through barriers. It’s streamlined enough for freshmen, but it surely offers the rate and gear required by the use of pros. In several words, it’s an editor that’ll enchantment to portrait photographers of all stripes, as I uncover over the method this review.

Construction and ease of use

PortraitPro 23 is one of the most intuitive editing strategies I’ve ever used. Even though you’ve not at all worked with an editing program forward of, you’ll have the ability to find your approach spherical without issue – and for many who do happen to struggle, Anthropics provides a series of interactive tutorials to help you get entry to the whole thing likelihood is that you’ll be able to need. 

Should you’ve downloaded your copy of the program – which you’ll be able to find on the Anthropics website online, each in entire or (unfastened) trial form – simply follow the arrange instructions, then unlock the program. You’ll see the standard area show, which includes a entire library of interactive tutorials:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

I’d recommend completing the First Steps instructional, which is able to show you around the program interface, even if for many who’re determined to dive in, you’ll be able to always choose the Open Single Image button inside the upper right-hand corner:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

(Depending on the model you buy, you might also see a second button, Open Image Batch, which launches the batch editing dialog; I discuss this in depth beneath.)

Make a selection an image to edit, hit the Open button, then wait a few seconds while the program processes your file. Nearly all of the show will also be occupied by the use of a Faster than and an After fashion of your image, even if you’ll be able to set the program to show most simple the After fashion by the use of pressing the View After Most straightforward button:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

Along the perfect of the show, you’ll see the main menu, along with a minimalistic toolbar that comes with 4 to hand apparatus: the Touch-up instrument, the Restore instrument, the Stray Hair Remover instrument, and the Stray Hair Restore instrument. 

On the right-hand side, you’ll find the Zoom controls, which let you customize how your image turns out in the main editing pane.

And fairly lower down, you’ll have to see 4 panels: Controls, Presets, Snapshots, and History. The most important of the ones is the Controls panel, which is where you’ll do the vast majority of your editing art work. It’s in this panel that you’ll be able to get entry to PortraitPro 23’s very good array of apparatus, along with the Shape apparatus, the Pores and pores and skin Smoothing apparatus, the Makeup apparatus, and so much more. 

As regards to all of the program’s editing alternatives are to be had slider form, which makes it extremely easy to keep an eye on – and re-adjust – your images. If you want to simple the out of doors spherical a topic’s eyes, you push the Spherical Eyes slider in one path, and if you want to decrease the smoothing affect, you push it inside the other. And for many who’re not sure whether or not or no longer an edit is right for an image, don’t worry; you’ll be able to always save your edits, then come once more to the file in a while and make additional tweaks and refinements.

Remember that most of these apparatus in fact offer submenus for extra customization. While you’ll be able to often generate great results by the use of sticking with the additional crucial “primary” sliders, if you want to make additional tweaks, you’ll be able to always get entry to the ones fine-grained apparatus by the use of clicking on the arrow icons:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

When you’re surfing to speed up your editing further, you’re going to love the Presets menu. It boasts in fact a variety of presets (basically filters or recipes), all designed to beef up your images in a large number of ways – and every requiring only a single click on on. You can moreover create presets of your individual, so for many who usually have a tendency to make use of a relentless set of edits to every image, this is a huge timesaver.

Then there are the Snapshots and History panels, which let you save and take a look at your images in quite a lot of editing states. While you will not spend a great deal of time in the ones panels, they’re great for additonal experimental editing. You can save a series of edits as a Snapshot, then make a number of additional adjustments. When you don’t like the consequences, merely choose the comparable Snapshot, and – voila! – your image will return to its unique edited form.

At the end of the day, PortraitPro 23 offers a simple, extraordinarily in the market layout that’ll cross properly with on the subject of anyone, and the apparatus are wonderfully intuitive. When you’ve tried other editing device prior to now then again have always surrender in frustration, then I’d encourage you to supply PortraitPro 23 a shot – and for many who’re a further essential photographer with years of retouching experience underneath your belt, then running with PortraitPro 23 will in point of fact really feel like a breath of fresh air.

Enhancing purposes

As I emphasized above, I believe PortraitPro is the most productive portrait editor available in 2023, and that’s in part as a result of its impressive integration of AI era and editing apparatus. 

PortraitPro is unique among device in that it supplies custom designed edits on your files from the get-go; right through image initialization, the program’s AI era analyzes your made up our minds on image, identifies key facial choices, then applies an array of explicit processes designed to beef up the shot. 

You can be anticipating the ones edits to be superficial, then again in my experience, the initial tweaks are necessarily outstanding: difficult without being overdone, delicate without under-editing the shot. It supplies a bit of little bit of the whole thing – face reshaping, pores and pores and skin smoothing, tooth whitening, lip saturation, and further – plus, because the program identifies the subject’s choices prematurely and applies edits accordingly, all changes are hyper-realistic. (Remember: The ones initial adjustments are modified depending on the explicit particular person’s gender and age, which is routinely detected by the use of the program then again will also be made up our minds on manually.)

For some photographers, PortraitPro’s initial edits will also be enough to supply a shareable, displayable image – and if you need higher keep watch over and customizability, the program offers loads of alternatives. Delve into the Controls panel, and in addition you’ll find dozens of apparatus, all designed to create refined, natural-looking adjustments. 

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

First, there are the Shape apparatus, which allow you to regulate your subject’s quite a lot of facial choices on a supremely detailed level. With the Face Shape slider, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the proportions of your subject’s forehead and jaw; with the Eyes, Eye Widening, and Eye Expanding sliders, you’ll be able to tweak the width and top of your subject’s eyes; and with the Mouth Shape and Nose sliders, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the type of your subject’s mouth and nose, respectively. It’s each and every retoucher’s dream, and whilst you do will have to be wary about going overboard with face sculpting, the apparatus are unquestionably difficult.

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

Next, you’ll find the Pores and pores and skin Smoothing apparatus, which are perfect for – as you’d expect – smoothing your subject’s pores and pores and skin. What’s a lot much less expected, however, is the amount of keep watch over you get. PortraitPro 23 doesn’t merely offer a slider or two; instead, the program choices no fewer than 13 different sliders for pores and pores and skin smoothing, along with alternatives to remove pores, remove grease, remove shine, care for thin wrinkles, remove efficient shadows, and so much more. (And that’s most simple surfing at the primary sliders; you’ll be able to get entry to a lot more sliders by the use of settling on quite a lot of drop-down menus.) 

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

Will you need 13+ sliders for pores and pores and skin smoothing? Possibly, perhaps not. Then again you’ll be able to always skip over the ones you to find a lot much less helpful, and the massive number of alternatives demonstrates Anthropics’ willpower to retouching comprehensiveness.

While I gained’t go into all of the last editing apparatus – that may take a complete ebook! – I’d like to touch on some highlights, identical to:

  • The Lights & Coloring apparatus, which let you necessarily relight your subject by the use of dragging your cursor spherical an interactive type. You moreover get somewhat a couple of sliders for customizing the way in which during which the light falls on your subject (which is principally dodging and burning then again made a protracted far more simple with the help of sliders and artificial intelligence), along with a variety of brushes for in fact brushing on mild. (It’s in this Lights Brush phase that you just’ll find the new – and impressive – Backlight Lights Brush function.)
  • The Makeup apparatus, which allow you to observe makeup on your subject’s face, along with lipstick, mascara, bronzer, and eyeliner. (No, I’m not kidding, and likely, it in fact does art work!)
  • The Hair apparatus, which let you keep an eye on the color and tones of your subject’s hair. Moreover price mentioning this is the new Stray Hair Remover instrument. It’s not found out inside the Hair apparatus tab – you’ll be able to get entry to it in the main toolbar at the top of the show – however it’s an effective way to wash up the arena spherical your subject’s head, specifically for many who have been shooting in windy conditions or they’d been simply having a bad hair day.
  • The Eye apparatus, which are perfect for whitening eyes, improving irises, and even together with existence like catchlights by the use of choosing from an array of catchlight styles and sizes.
  • All of the alternatives inside the Apparatus panel, along with the Crop Software for adjusting your compositions, the Clone Software for getting rid of problematic areas of your photos, and the new Art work Effects instrument for together with all forms of creative ends up in your images. I’m an important fan of the latter selection – together with watercolor, illustration, and oil painting effects is a ton of a laugh, and the products look great, too.

Without reference to the apparatus you use, the consequences are repeatedly excellent – and for many who do understand issues of the way in which during which the edits are performed on your files, you’ll be able to always manually keep an eye on the Pores and pores and skin and Hair Masks inside the comparable instrument panels or the facial function map inside the Faster than view.

(By the use of the way in which during which, while PortraitPro 23 is a portrait-focused program, it doesn’t put out of your mind usual editing choices; you’ll be able to keep an eye on image exposure, difference, saturation, sprucing, and further inside the Symbol apparatus tab.)

In any case, I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss two choices that can dramatically boost up your editing: Presets and the Image Batch dialog.

As I discussed inside the previous phase, PortraitPro offers dozens of built-in presets, which you’ll be able to use to develop into your photos with a single click on on:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

The ones are great for many who’re aiming to achieve a decided on look, they’re great for many who’re a beginner and in addition you’re not however completely relaxed adjusting the sliders, they usually’re moreover a large number of a laugh for many who merely have a few minutes to experiment. You can observe World presets that rely on the entire suite of PortraitPro choices, or you’ll be able to choose tool-specific presets that correspond to the apparatus inside the Controls panel:

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

As for the Image Batch dialog, it’s an selection you’ll be able to get entry to only if you’ve purchased the costliest model of the device – PortraitPro Studio Max 23 – then again for the professional wedding or portrait shooter who will have to power via dozens or a variety of photos directly, it’s an absolute sport changer. 

You realize, the Image Batch dialog shall we in you to select a bunch of images (e.g., a collection of 25 choose portraits from an engagement session), hit the OK button, then watch as each and every image receives PortraitPro’s usual AI editing treatment. You can observe presets to the photos (with an selection to use certain presets depending on the subject’s gender and age, for many who like), and you’ll be able to moreover click on on from image to image and make additional adjustments the use of the standard editing apparatus.

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

When you’re a certified portrait or an match shooter, this option alone will save you dozens of hours in front of the computer every month. And for many who’re a further casual photographer, it’s however price a check out, specifically if when you have a relentless workflow you use for every shot.

Pace and Potency

PortraitPro 23 is simple to use and extraordinarily environment friendly – then again can it perform correctly, irrespective of its power? 

Astonishingly, certain

I used the program on an older desktop PC, however editing operations have been lightning-fast. I noticed just about 0 lag, and I was in a position to take a look at editing effects in an instant, although I was painting with brushes.

The only time you’ll need to wait is when first loading up an image (or a batch of images); it does take the AI era a few seconds to analyze the file(s), map out facial choices, and observe initial edits – then again once that’s accomplished, the whole thing is seamless

In any case, potency is made up our minds via your device, so it’s unquestionably price checking out the system prerequisites forward of shopping for:

  • A 2 GHz processor
  • A 1280×800 display
  • 8 GB RAM (with 16 GB or further RAM in point of fact helpful)
  • House home windows 10 or House home windows 11; macOS 10.13 or later

Then again as long as you have got a just right PC that meets the must haves above, I wouldn’t look forward to any issues.


Anthropics offers 3 editions of PortraitPro 23, and you’ll be able to acquire every of them for a one-off price. 

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

Necessarily essentially the most elementary model is PortraitPro 23, which normally costs $119.90 then again is just lately available for $59.95. This option comes with all of the choices discussed above, with the exception of for the Image Batch dialog. Then again, it lacks the power to process RAW files.

Next is PortraitPro Studio 23, which normally costs $179.90 then again is just lately available for $89.95. This option contains the whole thing offered in the standard PortraitPro 23 package, however it can process RAW files, plus it can be integrated with Photoshop as a Good Filter out; that implies, you’ll be able to combine the ease of PortraitPro with the power of Photoshop for stellar results. 

In any case, you’ll be able to normally take hold of some of the entire model, PortraitPro Studio Max 23, for $359 – then again the prevailing sale puts it at $179.95. This model contains the whole thing inside the further elementary alternatives however moreover offers the Image Batch dialog so you’ll be able to process dozens (or lots) of photos directly.

The PortraitPro and PortraitPro Studio alternatives are well-priced underneath not unusual conditions; given the prevailing 50%-off sale, they’re absolute bargains. Remember that, till you most simple art work with JPEGs – another way you already use a RAW processor – you’ll in fact need to spring for PortraitPro Studio over the fundamental PortraitPro package. 

As for PortraitPro Studio Max 23: Positive, the price is on the dear side compared to other strategies, then again the discounted price is fairly reasonably priced, specifically given the power of the batch-editing function. 

Remember that you’ll be able to just lately get another 15% off your gain by the use of getting into the code AN75 at checkout – and for many who’re upgrading from a previous fashion of PortraitPro, you get an additional 25% off. 

Who should acquire Anthropics PortraitPro 23?

Anthropics PortraitPro 23 review

PortraitPro 23 is one of those unusual strategies that each and every portrait shooter may have to check out. It’s easy to use, it offers great potency, and the editing choices are spectacular. It’s moreover just lately on sale, and by the use of getting into the specific AN75 bargain code, you’ll be able to take hold of any model of the device for an unbeatable price. 

That discussed, I’d argue that the program is best suited to a few explicit groups:

  • Learners and enthusiasts who need to delve into portrait retouching then again are intimidated by the use of the difficulty of competitor strategies
  • Casual portrait shooters who need to make their files look great without spending hours in front of the computer
  • Crucial wedding and portrait shooters who need to boost up their retouching workflow while moreover improving their results

When you’re in one of the vital first two groups, I’d recommend grabbing PortraitPro Studio 23 (even if folks captivated with batch editing should believe PortraitPro Studio Max 23 instead). When you’re a certified, however, the Image Batch function is perhaps crucial, so make sure you gain the Studio Max 23 model.

One final phrase: I believe the program is very good, then again you don’t wish to take my word for it. Anthropics offers a unfastened trial of the program that you’ll be able to use to take a look at the quite a lot of choices, and you’ll be able to download it appropriate right here.

So take hold of your copy of PortraitPro 23 and take it for a spin. Watch as it improves your images and cuts down on your time spent editing!

All new editions and upgrades are just lately on SALE at 50% OFF or upper – and imagine to use the code AN75 at the checkout for an ADDITIONAL 15% OFF.

Anthropics is a paid partner of dPS.

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