Bold Pops Of Bougainvillea-Inspired Purple At This Crops Farms Marriage ceremony

[section title=”The Planning”] [field title=”Wedding Colors”] The whole ceremony had a white and green focus. Because I liked too many different motifs that didn’t exactly go together, my planner and I decided to use my love of classic greens and whites for the ceremony colors and then save the bright, vibrant décor for the reception. […]

Herbal Glam and Loads of Vibrant Crops in Lowcountry

[section title=”The Planning”] [field title=”Wedding Colors”]The usual dressings for a Charleston summer wedding of a luscious green and white backdrop were nowhere in sight as this couple ran toward a luxe blend of rich fall and summer colors. There were pops of plums, yellows, lush greens, vibrant purples, rich golds, and soft blush accents.[/field] [field […]