Alisa Martynova Gets Philosophical in Nowhere As regards to – The Phoblographer

“Smartly, they aren’t that random, to be fair,” The mission stands on 3 number one concepts: migration, origins, and cosmos,” Alisa Martynova tells us, correcting our idea that her mission, Nowhere As regards to, has random gadgets. “All the gadgets you recognize throughout the footage have a relation to a minimum of some of the … Read more

Huge-Eyed with the Carl Zeiss 16mm f/8 Hologon

Dramatic, restrictive, and humbling are 3 phrases I’d use to explain the Carl Zeiss 16mm f/8 Hologon Extremely-wide lens that I shoot tailored to Leica M movie cameras. Whilst the aforementioned 3 phrases would possibly not right away conjure the GAS gods in maximum cases, the ones descriptors have driven me by some means the … Read more