Evaluation: Sirui B25R Bendable RGB Mild

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The Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R bends to form the sunshine, achieving lights results now not possible with a flat panel. It alternatives top quality RGB, CCT, and HCI refined. We had a take a look at a few of what the B25R can do.

Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R

Regarding the Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R

The bendable refined is indisputably unusual and stuck my eye. That’s what impressed me to comply with do the research. I if truth be told like distinctive designs. Alternatively would this be good?

Using the Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R

The bendable refined panel has a quick-release design at each and every finish. As a result of this you’ll be able to hyperlink quite a lot of lighting fixtures in combination to create an extended, brighter, and extra bendable refined supply. Sign up for two of those, and you’ll be able to shape them right kind proper right into a half-circle, fantastic for product footage. Sign up for 4 and create a circle with all of the refined aiming inside of.

Be mindful: Vlogsfan despatched us one Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R to test and stay. Then again, this is a utterly unbiased research. All ideas about this bag are our personal.


  • It’s amusing to make use of
  • It bends, it bends!
  • Prime quality CCT and RGB lights with best CRI
  • Vanguard design
  • Light-weight
  • Simple to make use of
  • Great lengthy AC adapter


  • No backlit buttons
  • Labels for the 4 buttons are written in darkish blue as an alternative of white

Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R — Technical specs

All the technical specs for the Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R are from the dependable Sirui consumer’s knowledge on their web site.

  • Dimensions: 583 x 75 x32.3mm/22.95 x 2.95 x 1.27 inches
  • Weight: 960g/2.12 lbs.
  • Adapter: 9V 4A
  • Energy Intake: Max 25W
  • CCT: 2700K-8500K
  • Particular Results: 16
  • 100% Illuminance (LUX): 0.5m 2000 lux
  • TLCI: 98
  • CRI: 96
  • Ambient Temperature Operation: -10C — 45C
  • Control Method: app and light-weight panel
  • Wi-fi Operating Vary (Bluetooth): 15 meters

Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R Ergonomics and compile top quality

Bending the panel

The sunshine panel is modest to bend and is quite light-weight. That you just should use an app to keep watch over the sunshine. Then again, even with out the app, the panel is modest sufficient to unravel.

The sunshine panel is modest to bend in each and every path. It does now not retain its fully-extended bend independently. Neither is it rubbery. I wouldn’t bend it tremendous onerous each and every, as It’s not that i am certain what would perhaps occur. It’s now not that it seems fragile. It simply does now not if truth be told actually really feel find it irresistible used to be as soon as once designed to be bent exact onerous.

Above: Behind the scenes the use of the Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R.

On account of its talent to bend, the sunshine excels at photographing small items during the studio. Finally, it could possibly additionally act as a fill refined or differently be used for each and every other wishes that it’s possible you are able to most often do with an LED refined panel.

Easy how you can get admission to all of the ones other types of lighting fixtures

There are 4 small buttons (Mode, Serve as, Up, Down). Those don’t wiggle and if truth be told actually really feel tremendous. The LCD panel permits you to dial in white refined at a temperature vary from 2700K to 8500K. It additionally provides an RGB colour vary from 0 to 360 levels (saturation 0-100). It might additionally create colourful refined in HSL mode as neatly.

The panel makes use of frosted plastic diffusers located over each and every. of the 9 segmented lighting fixtures.

The fun if truth be told starts, specifically in case you are vlogging, with the 16 preset lights results. Those can be set and altered with the controls at the over again of the tool or with the Sirui Gentle cell app. This permits you to cycle during the RGB colours, which you’ll be able to see during the video underneath.

A to hand knowledge a rough demonstration of the particular results and bendability of the Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R.

You might also use different results, very similar to SOS, pulsing, fireplace, damaged refined bulbs, welding, digital virtual digicam flash, police car lighting fixtures, and extra.

Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R — Within the box

Since the panel has a lit LCD over again panel, it’s quite simple to control, even at nighttime. Then again, you do should memorize the desires of the buttons since they aren’t backlit. It’s now not too difficult to unravel, actually, since there’s best 4 buttons, and you already know that the left-most button selects the mode of sunshine used, and the proper two buttons navigate up and down.

Each and every of the bendable panels has 3 1/4-inch threads for mounting, one at each and every finish and one during the middle, providing, neatly, flexibility in mounting. I used to be ready to mount it simply on an Oben CTT-1000 tripod.

I powered the sunshine from their AC adapter. The sunshine will also be run with an NP-F970 battery for portability. I didn’t have this battery and would perhaps merely now not take a look at its period.

Product footage

I consider that the B25R may well be specifically helpful should you connected two of them to shape a half-circle. This will likely additional unharness to talent to bend. With only one bendable panel, to obtain the overall benefit of bending, you need to {photograph} very small items. Regardless, I most well liked the facility to form and curve the sunshine to create “wraparound” refined.

Since the refined is rated for a TLCI (Tv Lights Consistency Index) of 96 and a CRI of 98, the sunshine holds part. Within the symbol, it will get a hold of what you understand particularly explicit individual. The frosted diffuser on the other hand creates a quite relaxed refined. That is specifically an important since with product footage, you’re a lot more more likely to position a bendable refined supply very similar to this very when it comes to the item.

Be mindful:

CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index of the way in which through which a steady renders colours, with a great rating being 100. Upper ratings of above 90 grasp part and glance richer and extra colourful. Decrease ratings can glance more and more washed out and missing part.

TLCI stands for Tv Lights Consistency Index. It is a colour accuracy rating with the most efficient rating being 100. A spread of about 85-100 does now not require colour correction in put up when the use of a video digital virtual digicam.

I used the sunshine for over an hour. Even though the brightness used to be as soon as once maxed out, the sunshine by no means were given that sizzling.

Controlling the sunshine during the app and LCD panel

The app used to be as soon as once simple to put in and use. Then again, I determined on to modify the sunshine from the unit itself since I used to be working very when it comes to the sunshine anyway. The 4 buttons — Mode, Serve as, Up, Down — paintings tremendous. Many of us will select the use of the app for the reason that capability is a little more inspiring and user-friendly. I do want the labels for the 4 buttons have been written in white. Writing them in darkish blue makes 0 sense to me.

Regarding the bend

For upper items, having one panel that bends is of restricted usefulness. This is a should to change the bendable panel when it comes to a small matter to if truth be told succeed in any benefit from the kind of the bend. Then again, if when you’ve got quite a lot of bendable panels connected in combination, the “wraparound” refined and normal usefulness of the bending will increase very so much.

Finally, the top quality of the sunshine provides the facility to make use of the sunshine for a large number of different packages regardless. And having a fairly tall panel provides a large number of lights abilities {{{that a}}} smaller shorter refined won’t be capable to succeed in. It’s on the other hand a just right refined for vlogging, key lights, and basic use.

Different alternatives price bringing up

The sunshine provides GM adjustment to counteract colour shift from inexperienced to magenta for upper colour accuracy.

Sirui Dragon Assortment Bendable RGB Panel Gentle B25R — A laugh

I maximum incessantly don’t have a separate research section entitled “amusing.” But it surely bears bringing up. From the time I took it out of the package deal deal, I came upon that it used to be as soon as once amusing to make use of. Bending the sunshine for product footage used to be as soon as once now not best helpful, it used to be as soon as once amusing.

So used to be as soon as once rising YouTube movement footage whilst having the sunshine panel cycle by the use of RGB colours or different results. I additionally started experimenting with shaping the sunshine round items in a large number of ways too, as I felt creative when the use of the sunshine. It used to be as soon as once just right for rim lights at the side of lights from underneath.

We shouldn’t put out of your mind a product that could be a giggle to make use of and evokes creativity.

The package deal deal we reviewed comes with one LED refined, an AC energy adapter, and a guaranty card. No battery used to be as soon as once integrated.

I used a Pentax Good enough-1 with a 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for all footage.

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